5 Disaster Preparedness Tips You Can Really Use

No matter how safe your surrounding world may seem, there are always chances of experiencing a bad weather, terrorism and financial crisis. You may face a tornado, earthquake, floods or hurricanes among other disasters. The situation will be worse if you were least prepared for it. Prepare yourself using the following simple but crucial tips.



  • Know your surroundings

Understand the history of the area that you live in. Which kinds of disasters are common in your area? What time of the year is a particular disaster likely to occur? If you live near coastlines, a tsunami is one of the disasters in your list and if you reside in a city, terrorism may be among the likely to hit disasters. It is easier to find out information about natural disasters than artificial ones such as terrorism and financial crisis. Understanding your area will put you in a better position to prepare and deal with the potential disaster.


  • Prepare a safety kit and learn how to use it

Assemble important supplies that you need in the event of a disaster, in a safety kit. Practice how to use the kit and ensure that you have enough supplies to last you through the duration that the disaster is likely to last. Keep the kit in a readily accessible place and ensure its safety. You can also opt to purchase a ready packed kit but, you should be ready to learn how to use it to familiarize yourself. This will prevent future problems concerning its usage.


  • Plan where to meet with your family

In the event of a natural disaster, communication may become a problem. You still want to ensure that your loved ones are safe. How will you do it without direct communication? Use the area evacuation procedures to plan where to meet with your family members in case of an emergency. Come up with meet up strategies that will keep every member away from any risky of sustaining injuries.


  • Equip yourself with some emergency skills

Having knowledge of emergency skills proves very helpful in the event of a disaster. Disasters will lock you and your loved ones from accessing crucial emergency experts and important facilities such as hospitals. Learning how to use a fire extinguisher can rescue your properties from being razed down by an inferno. Possessing basic medical skills will enhance you to perform first aid to your loved ones and those around you. Join community classes to equip yourself with these skills to become the savior of the day.


  • Help individuals with special needs

No one knows the exact time that a disaster will occur. The emergency exposes the society’s vulnerable to risks that threaten their lives. Infants, the aging population and disabled people are more helpless during such emergencies. If you have vulnerable individuals in your family or neighborhood, accord them special attention. Assist them to evacuate to safety.



Disasters are unavoidable emergencies. Preparation is one way of braving a disaster as it makes you ready. You will minimize the risks of a disaster if you are sufficiently prepared.



Content prepared by Leona Harrison who is part of the content and community team at Specialty Fuel Services – providers of emergency fuel continuation services, in locations affected by catastrophic events.

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