About OERNet

Our Story

The idea of OERNet started with a trip out to Fayetteville, NC after Hurricane Matthew hit in which we helped clean out a house that was ravaged by flood waters. Driving around revealed a dizzying amount of damage, some of which was irreplaceable. What we were inspired by however, was the community's willingness to put differences aside to help one another. Unfortunately, the government can only help and replace so much, and as such a majority of relief and support comes from volunteers. Storms always have and always will continue to upend communities and lives, but we wanted to form a volunteer based group comprised of vehicle based travellers who already have skills that overlap storm relief efforts such as tree clearing, basic first aid and a willingness to help their neighbor. The goal however isn't to limit OERNet to just overlanders, but to anyone who wants to get more involved in their communities regardless of skill set.

The Mission

OERNet pulls together individual resources, assets and skills of communities to aid first responders in emergency situations.

The Vision

OERNet affords communities the ability to draw upon the wide range of regional, underutilized, skills and resources to aid first responders. Our focus will be to pool these individual resources in an organized manner that is able to help in emergency situations.




Community Involvement

Why Our Volunteers Join

Christopher M.

Region 10

As a Registered Nurse from a family of Registered Nurses, I guess it's in my blood to want to help others. I don't have the most capable rig in the world or anything, but it can get places, and I'd sure enjoy using it for the forces of good! LOL

Andrew W.

Region 5

I want to volunteer because a lot of times out on trails you wish you had just 1 more person, and I'd like to be that one more person to help in an emergency/recovery situation.

Brian E.

Region 10

Active duty Coast Guard, former rescue diver for klamath county sheriff, and Freedom Overland founder excited about the potential this network has as an outstanding use of resources and experience from the overland community!